The Freedom House was founded in the summer of 2014 after Wesly Louiceus had heard about the terrible poverty in Laborde, a village in the mountains in central Haiti. The village, only accessible by foot, had no school, church or medical care. Wesly hiked for hours to get to the village where he witnessed the most severe poverty and abuse he had ever seen. Children were dying of malnutrition and worms. They all had scabies and other health issues. Many of the children were being forced into slavery and abused, and had no shoes, beds or clothing.


Upon Wesly’s return to his home in Croix des Bouquet, he immediately notified people for help about the horrible conditions and impending deaths of many children. Prior to rescuing some of the children one child had already died from malnutrition. Due to the severity of the situation, people from Maryville Tennessee fundraised for a safe place to live, beds, clothing and a full staff to care for them.


The house currently cares for 27 children. Many of these children are from Laborde, then more were rescued from high-risk situations in various areas throughout Haiti. By teaming up with the US missionaries (who lived and helped run another orphanage in Haiti for almost three years) and other independent supporters, Wesly is providing for their basic needs and raising the children to love Jesus.


What does it mean to be a child at “high risk”?


Most of the children at the Freedom House were either a restavek or in extreme poverty labeling them a child at “high risk”.  A restavek is a child that has been given to another family as a servant in hopes to have their basic needs met.  Usually these kids are between the ages of 4-15. They do all the household chores, cooking, cleaning, washing and fetching water. They are often abused and most likely do not go to school. We can’t change the fact that this still happens in Haiti but we can change the lives and futures of our kids.  These kids now have FREEDOM everyday, and NEVER have to worry about things such as their next meal or shoes for their feet.  We want to offer these kids a lifetime of  Love, Hope AND Freedom to be the change for Haiti’s future.


FREEDOM isn’t just a word…

For us, it’s our MISSION